Director:Peter M. Cohen
Writer:Peter M. Cohen
Producer:Anthony Armetta, Zorie Barber, Brent Baum, Bo Bazylevski
Studio:Hi-Rez Films
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Set in New York, 'Whipped' is about a group of three single men, buddies from college, whom meet every Sunday at their local diner hangout to discuss their favorite sport: scoring with women. Their conversations (always revealing, sometimes revolting, and occasionally riotous) revolve around the weekend past and the girls that these three egotistical and narcissistic swingers were able or unable to "scam." However, when all three single guys unknowingly go after the same "perfect" woman, Mia (Amanda Peet), they begin to question their skirt-chasing ways. Squabbling breaks out amongst the group as they compete for her attention and suddenly, the fate of their ritual and their friendships, becomes uncertain. Who will win the morning round table bragging rights? You'll be surprised.
Amanda Peet Mia
Brian Van Holt Brad
Jonathan Abrahams Jonathan
Zorie Barber Zeke
Judah Domke Eric
Callie Thorne Liz
Montse Viader Park Girl
Linda Udd Subway Girl
Doug MacHugh Cook (as Douglas MacHugh)
Gordon Feinberg Waiter
Suzanne Molloy Waitress
David Heyman Suit
Bo Bazylevski Suit (as Bo Bazylevsky)
David J. Cohen Suit
Phil Nourie Suit
Marc Courtiol Suit
George Song Suit
Marcus Ho Suit
Anthony Armetta Suit
Jill Sorensen Girl Outside Diner
Julie Thaxter-Gourlay Girl Outside Diner
Kristin Di Spaltro Bar Girl
Heather Liebl Bar Girl
Jamie Donahue Bar Girl
Elaina Erika Davis Bar Girl
Peter Hearn Bartender
Jill Rubin Bartender
Jaclyn DeSantis Cafe Girl
Jennifer Ulloa Cafe Girl
Bridget Moynahan Marie
Aviva Gale Stacey
Taryn Reif Bristol
Chris Courtiol Club Dancer
Bill Belleville Club Dancer
Sarah Rachel Isenberg Lesbian Dancer (as Sarah Isenberg)
Tanya Brown Lesbian Dancer
Karen Kozlowski Hana
Peter M. Cohen Pizza Guy
Nancy Harris Diner Lady
Francine Myles Diner Lady
D.J. Pierce Couple in Park
Amanda Light Couple in Park
Todd Godek Italian Bicycler
Brian Nishii Italian Bicyclist
Brian Cox Italian Bicycler
Vanessa Schoeni Pollock Thief
Janna Lapidus Thief
Leslie Cohen Mia's Girlfriend
Susanna Spies Mia's Girlfriend
Amy Karl Mia's Girlfriend
Kahshanna Evans Mia's Girlfriend
Neriah Davis 'Plan' Girl
Lyle Kanouse Plumber
Carlos Grande Kid in Store
Kurt Williams Cab Driver
Beth Ostrosky Bar Girl
Nicole Olivier Basketball Girl
David Heymann Suit #1
Nino Del Padre Italian Bicycler
Bonnie-Jill Laflin Club Dancer (uncredited)
Natalie Light Hot Freak
Michael Montes Composer
Peter B. Kowalski Cinematographer
Tom McArdle Editor
DVD Details
Languages:English, Italian
Aspect Ratio:1.85 : 1
Release:Aug 2002