Director:Andrew Stanton
Writer:Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter
Producer:Lindsey Collins, John Lasseter, Gillian Libbert, Jim Morris
Genre:Kids & Family
Pixar genius reigns in this funny romantic comedy, which stars a robot who says absolutely nothing for a full 25 minutes yet somehow completely transfixes and endears himself to the audience within the first few minutes of the film. As the last robot left on earth, Wall-E (voiced by Ben Burtt) is one small robot--with a big, big heart--who holds the future of earth and mankind squarely in the palm of his metal hand. He's outlasted all the "Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class" robots that were assigned some 700 years ago to clean up the environmental mess that man made of earth while man vacationed aboard the luxury spaceship Axiom. Wall-E has dutifully gone about his job compacting trash, the extreme solitude broken only by his pet cockroach, but he's developed some oddly human habits and ideas. When the Axiom sends its regularly scheduled robotic EVE probe (Elissa Knight) to earth, Wall-E is instantly smitten and proceeds to try to impress EVE with his collection of human memorabilia. EVE's directive compels her to bring Wall-E's newly collected plant sprout to the captain of the Axiom and Wall-E follows in hot pursuit. Suddenly, the human world is turned upside down and the Captain (Jeff Garlin) joins forces with Wall-E and a cast of other misfit robots to lead the now lethargic people back home to earth. Wall-E is a great family film with the most impressive aspect being the depth of emotion conveyed by a simple robot--a machine typically considered devoid of emotion, but made so absolutely touching by the magic of Pixar animation. Also well-worth admiring are the sweeping views from space, the creative yet disturbing vision of what strange luxuries a future space vacation might offer, and the innovative use of trash in a future cityscape. Underneath the slapstick comedy and touching love story is a poignant message about the folly of human greed and its potential effects on earth and the entire human race. Wall-E is preceded in theaters by the comical short Presto in which a magician's rabbit, unfed one too many times takes his revenge against the egotistical magician. (Ages 3 and older) --Tami Horiuchi>

Stills from Wall-E (Click for larger image)

Ben Burtt WALL·E
Elissa Knight EVE
Jeff Garlin Captain
Fred Willard Shelby Forthright, BnL CEO
MacInTalk AUTO
John Ratzenberger John
Kathy Najimy Mary
Sigourney Weaver Ship's Computer
Lori Alan Additional voices (voice)
Bob Bergen Additional voices (voice)
John Cygan Additional voices (voice)
Pete Docter Additional voices (voice)
Paul Eiding Additional voices (voice)
Donald Fullilove Additional voices (voice) (as Don Fullilove)
Teresa Ganzel Additional voices (voice)
Jess Harnell Additional voices (voice)
Sherry Lynn Additional voices (voice)
Mickie McGowan Additional voices (voice)
Laraine Newman Additional voices (voice)
Teddy Newton Additional voices (voice)
Jeff Pidgeon Additional voices (voice)
Jan Rabson Additional voices (voice)
Lori Richardson Additional voices (voice)
Andrew Stanton Additional voices (voice)
Jim Ward Additional voices (voice)
Colette Whitaker Additional voices (voice)
Kim Kopf Hoverchair Mother
Niki McElroy Pool Mother
Garrett Palmer Blond Boy in BnL Commercial
Kai Steel Smith Brown·haired Boy in BnL commercial
Thomas Newman Composer
Stephen Schaffer Editor
DVD Details
Aspect Ratio:2.40:1
Picture Format:Widescreen
Release:Nov 2008