Star Trek - The Motion Picture: The Director's Cut
Director:Robert Wise
Writer:Gene Roddenberry, Alan Dean Foster, Harold Livingston
Producer:David C. Fein, Gene Roddenberry, Jon Povill
Genre:Science Fiction & Fantasy
Back when the first "Star Trek" feature was released in December 1979, the "Trek" franchise was still relatively modest, consisting of the original TV series, an animated cartoon series from 1973-74, and a burgeoning fan network around the world. Series creator Gene Roddenberry had conceived a second TV series, but after the success of "Star Wars" the project was upgraded into this lavish feature film, which reunited the original series cast aboard a beautifully redesigned starship U.S.S. "Enterprise". Under the direction of Robert Wise (best known for "West Side Story"), the film proved to be a mixed blessing for "Trek" fans, who heatedly debated its merits; but it was, of course, a phenomenal hit. Capt. Kirk (William Shatner) leads his crew into the vast structures surrounding V'Ger, an all-powerful being that is cutting a destructive course through Starfleet space. With his new First Officer (Stephen Collins), the bald and beautiful Lieutenant Ilia (played by the late Persis Khambatta) and his returning veteran crew, Kirk must decipher the secret of V'Ger's true purpose and restore the safety of the galaxy. The story is rather overblown and derivative of plots from the original series, and avid Trekkies greeted the film's bland costumes with derisive laughter. But as a feast for the eyes, this is an adventure worthy of big-screen trekkin'. Douglas Trumbull's visual effects are astonishing, and Jerry Goldmith's score is regarded as one of the prolific composer's very best (with its main theme later used for "Star Trek: The Next Generation"). And, fortunately for "Star Trek" fans, the expanded 143-minute version (originally shown for the film's network TV premiere) is generally considered an improvement over the original theatrical release. "--Jeff Shannon"
William Shatner Admiral James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy Captain Spock
DeForest Kelley Dr. McCoy
James Doohan Scotty
George Takei Mr. Sulu
Richard H. Kline Cinematographer
Walter Koenig Mr. Chekov
Nichelle Nichols Cmdr. Uhura
Bibi Besch Dr. Carol Marcus
Merritt Butrick Dr. David Marcus
Jeff McBride Khan's Crewman
Paul Winfield Capt. Clark Terrell
Kirstie Alley Lt. Saavik
Ricardo Montalban Khan
Ike Eisenmann Midshipman Peter Preston
John Vargas Jedda
John Winston Cmdr. Kyle
Paul Kent Lt. Cmdr. Beach
Nicholas Guest Cadet
Russell Takaki Madison
Kevin Rodney Sullivan March (as Kevin Sullivan)
Joel Marstan Crew Chief
Teresa E. Victor Bridge (voice)
Dianne Harper Radio (voice)
David Ruprecht Radio (voice)
Marcy Vosburgh Computer
Laura Banks Khan's Navigator (uncredited)
Steve Bond Khan's Crewman #1 (uncredited)
Brett Baxter Clark Khan's Crewman #2 (uncredited)
Tim Culbertson Khan's Henchman (uncredited)
John Gibson Khan's Crewman #4 (uncredited)
James Horner Enterprise Crewman
Dennis Landry Khan's Crewman #5 (uncredited)
Cristian Letelier Khan's Crewman #6 (uncredited)
Roger Menache Khan's Crewman #7 (uncredited)
Judson Earney Scott Joachim Weiss
Deney Terrio Khan's Crewman #11 (uncredited)
Gayne Rescher Cinematographer
William Paul Dornisch Editor
Ed Ayer special effects
Martin Becker special effects
Gary F. Bentley special effects
Fred Brauer special effects
Bob Dawson special effects supervisor
Peter G. Evangelatos special effects
Kevin Pike special effects
William Purcell special effects
Harry Stewart special effects
DVD Details
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Picture Format:Widescreen
Release:Nov 2001