Spies Like Us
Director:John Landis
Writer:Dan Aykroyd, Dave Thomas
Producer:Leslie Belzberg, Bernie Brillstein, Erik Disch, George Folsey Jr.
Studio:AAR Films
Two totally incompetent applicants, Emmett Fitzhume and Austin Millbarge, are chosen from a CIA recruitment program. They are parachuted into Pakistan and eventually end up in Afghanistan, chased by the Russians, where they learn they are being used as decoys to draw out the Sovet defenses. Two real spies are sent in. Their mission is to Hijack a soviet Missile launcher, launch the Soviet missile and test the new US orbital defence laser. The missile is fired and while heading for an American City, the laser system misses it's target. The contingency plan for this scenario, as set out by the Pentagon Nuts who planned it from deep within a secret underground bunker, is to let the 3rd World War happen anyway.
Chevy Chase Emmett Fitz-Hume
Dan Aykroyd Austin Millbarge
Steve Forrest General Sline
Donna Dixon Karen Boyer
Bruce Davison Ruby
Bernie Casey Colonel Rhumbus
William Prince Keyes
Tom Hatten General Miegs
Frank Oz Test Monitor
Charles McKeown Jerry Hadley
James Daughton Bob Hodges
Jim Staahl Bud Schnelker
Vanessa Angel Russian Rocket Crewperson
Svetlana Plotnikova Russian Rocket Crewperson
Bjarne Thomsen Russian Rocket Crewperson
Sergei Rousakov Russian Rocket Crewperson
Garrick Dombrovski Russian Rocket Crewperson
Terry Gilliam Dr. Imhaus
Costa-Gavras Tadzhik Highway Patrolman (as Costa Gavras)
Seva Novgorodtsev Tadzhik Highway Patrolman
Stephen Hoye Captain Hefling
Ray Harryhausen Dr. Marston
Mark Stewart Ace Tomato Courier
Sean Daniel Ace Tomato Driver
Jeff Harding Fitz-Hume's Associate
Heidi Sorenson Alice, Fitz-Hume's Supervisor
Margo Random Reporter
Douglas Lambert Reporter
Christopher Malcolm Jumpmaster
Terrance Conder Soldier #1
Matt Frewer Soldier #2
Tony Cyrus The Khan
Gusti Bogok Dr. La Fong
Derek Meddings Dr. Stinson
Robert Paynter Dr. Gill
Bob Hope Golfer
Gurdial Sira The Khan's Brother
Joel Coen Drive-In Security Guard
Sam Raimi Drive-In Security Guard
Michael Apted Ace Tomato Agent
B.B. King Ace Tomato Agent
Larry Cohen Ace Tomato Agent
Martin Brest Drive-In Security Guard
Ricco Ross WAMP Guard (as Rico Ross)
Richard D. Sharp WAMP Technician (as Richard Sharpe)
Stuart Milligan WAMP Technician
Sally Anlauf WAMP Technician
John Daveikis Russian Border Guard
Laurence Bilzerian Russian Border Guard
Richard Kruk Russian Border Guard
Heather Henson Teenage Girl
Erin Folsey Teenage Girl
Bob Swaim Special Forces Commander
Edwin Newman Himself
Nancy Gair Student (uncredited)
Elmer Bernstein Composer
Malcolm Campbell Editor
David Beavis special effects technician
Rob Dickinson electronic engineer
Tony Fox special effects technician
Brian Johnson special effects supervisor
Dave Knowles special effects technician
Paul Knowles special effects technician
Tony Phelan special effects technician
David H. Watkins special effects technician
Barry Whitrod special effects technician
DVD Details
Languages:English Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Picture Format:Pan & Scan
Release:Nov 1998