The French Connection
Director:William Friedkin
Writer:Robin Moore
Producer:Philip D'Antoni
Studio:20th Century Fox
Genre:Action & Adventure
William Friedkin's classic "policier" was propelled to box-office glory, and a fistful of Oscars, in 1972 by its pedal-to-the-metal filmmaking and fashionably cynical attitude toward law enforcement. Gene Hackman's Popeye Doyle, a brutally pushy New York City narcotics detective, is a dauntless crime fighter and Vietnam-era "pig," a reckless vulgarian whose antics get innocent people killed. Loosely based upon an actual investigation that led to what was then the biggest heroin seizure in U.S. history, the picture traces the efforts of Doyle and his partner (Roy Scheider) to close the pipeline pumping Middle Eastern smack into the States through the French port of Marseilles. (The actual French Connection cops, Eddie Egan and Sonny Grosso, make cameo appearances.) It was widely recognized at the time that Friedkin had lifted a lot of his high-strung technique from the Costa-Gavras thrillers "The Sleeping Car Murders" and "Z"--he even imported one of Costa-Gavras's favorite thugs, Marcel Bozzuffi, to play the Euro-trash hit man plugged by Doyle in an elevated train station. There was an impressive official sequel in 1975, "French Connection II", directed by John Frankenheimer, which took Popeye to the south of France and got him hooked on horse. A couple of semi-official spinoffs followed, "The Seven-Ups", which elevated Scheider to the leading role, and "Badge 373", with Robert Duvall stepping in as the pugnacious flatfoot. "--David Chute"
Gene Hackman Jimmy Doyle
Roy Scheider Det. Buddy Russo
Fernando Rey Alain Charnier
Tony Lo Bianco Sal Boca
Marcel Bozzuffi Pierre Nicoli
Frédéric de Pasquale Devereaux (as Frederic De Pasquale)
Bill Hickman Mulderig
Ann Rebbot Marie Charnier
Harold Gary Weinstock
Arlene Farber Angie Boca
Eddie Egan Simonson
André Ernotte La Valle (as Andre Ernotte)
Sonny Grosso Klein
Benny Marino Lou Boca
Patrick McDermott Chemist (as Pat McDermott)
Alan Weeks Pusher
Al Fann Informant
Irving Abrahams Police Mechanic
Randy Jurgensen Police Sergeant
William Coke Motorman
The Three Degrees Themselves
Frank Adonis Bidder at New York Car Auction (uncredited)
Gilda Albertoni Uncredited (uncredited)
Sheila Ferguson Member of The Three Degrees (uncredited)
Sarina C. Grant Hooker on the Street (uncredited)
Joe Lo Grippo Tollbooth Collector (uncredited)
Melonie Haller Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Valerie Holiday Member of The Three Degrees (uncredited)
Eric Jones Little Boy (uncredited)
Charles McGregor Baldy - Bar Patron in Drug Raid (uncredited)
Lora Mitchell Woman with Baby Carriage (uncredited)
Maureen Mooney Bicycle Girl (uncredited)
Silvano Nolemi Dock Worker (uncredited)
Fayette Pinkney Member of The Three Degrees (uncredited)
Burt Richards Auction Bidder (uncredited)
Robert Weil Auctioneer (uncredited)
Don Ellis Composer
Owen Roizman Cinematographer
Gerald B. Greenberg Editor
Sass Bedig special effects
DVD Details
Languages:English, French
Subtitles:English, Spanish
Sound:Dolby Digital 5.1
Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
Picture Format:Widescreen
Release:Feb 2006